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Plastic products

Processing of plastics made of PVC. Production of granulates, hoses and profiles. We supply garden, suction, shower, industrial hoses, filling, drain hoses for washing machines.

+420 565 426 838
+420 731 162 947

Aptar Čkyně s.r.o. Čkyně

Plastic products

We produce and supply screw, impact, dispensing, tubing disc top, flip top closures with or without valve.

+420 388 405 111

Stokvis Promi s.r.o. Dobrovíz

Plastic products

Production of self-adhesive tapes Stokvis Tapes for industrial and electrical production in the automotive, aerospace and construction industries and healthcare. Tapes, including custom production of tapes.

+420 317 071 300

LPM s.r.o. Jičín

Plastic products

Manufacture and sale of technical plastic parts.

+420 493 546 011

Ing. Miroslav Bureš Ondratice

Plastic products

The company is engaged in the production of wastewater treatment plants, We also offer plastic reservoirs, cesspools, septic tanks, water meter shafts, tanks for pressure sewerage, separators - grease traps.

+420 604 893 268

DAHEPO EURO, spol. s r.o. Boskovice

Plastic products

DaHEPO EURO Ltd. has been on the Czech market since 1999 and continued the tradition of JAKUBEC BLANSKO (f. Founded 1988), was one of the largest manufacturers of euro windows in the Czech Republic, cooperated and took over the technology from the German UNILUX.

+420 605 232 198

AQUATECH,spol.s r.o. Srbsko

Plastic products Waste water treatment plants and water purification Tanks, vessels and containers

We deal with production, supply and service of sewage treatment plants and plastic pools. Swimming pools, sewage treatment plants, gas station, Karlštejn, Central Bohemian region, reservoirs, septic tanks, filters for garden ponds.

+420 311 622 404

BELT PLAST, s.r.o. Brno

Plastic products

CNC machining of plastics.

+420 548 539 316