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Economic Rating

A+ above-average stable subject with insignificant rate of risk potential,
last verification date 01.11.2017

above-average stable subject

Sorges, s.r.o. Červený Kostelec


We provide CNC machining, metal fabrication, CNC laser cutting, grinding, stamping, machining, metalworking etc.

+420 777 033 112

KOVOSPI, s.r.o. Letohrad


We offer metal-working, work on CNC machines. Milling, turning, grinding, drilling and custom manufacturing.

+420 603 827 442

TOP ALULIT s.r.o. Slévárna hliníku Benešov


We specialize in production of thin-walled castings and pressured-wall precise castings and dimensions in narrow tolerances. We use the technology of gravity casting and low pressure casting. We produce castings primarily for automotive, electrical and engineering industry..

+420 734 366 367
Economic Rating

A stable subject with very low rate of risk potential,
last verification date 01.11.2017

stable subject

Bohumil Pokorný Praha


Grinding of crankshafts and grinding of cylinders, renovation of heads and connecting rods. Grinded cylinders for block of the engine, repairing of cam insertion, repairing of brake discs, balancing of cylinder heads, grinding of valves.

+420 283 932 147
+420 602 311 715

DETAIL CZ s.r.o. Žirovnice

Fabricated metal products - manufacture Metalworking

Mechanical engineering production of rotary automotive parts on CNC machines. Production of lathe parts for trucks.

+420 565 428 711
+420 602 285 565

Dušan Kalina Rosice


Dušan Kalina - models of toys, airplanes, boats. CNC milling. Casting in vacuum. We offer CNC milling - models of toys, airplanes and boats.

+420 777 850 454

KV Final s.r.o. Čtveřín


We produce molded and machined parts for the automotive industry. We offer metal processing on CNC machines.

+420 482 758 021
+420 607 120 636
Economic Rating

A stable subject with very low rate of risk potential,
last verification date 01.11.2017

stable subject

AQUAdem, s.r.o. Brno


CNC zpracování plechů, CNC ohýbání, řezání vodním paprskem, laserem, 3D měření, dodání oficiálního měřícího protokolu.

+420 545 229 775
+420 602 735 581

AGS-DUO, spol. s r. o. Štěpánkovice


Locksmithery, cutting and burning on CNC machines, cutting, welding and processing of stainless steel.

+420 553 675 146
+420 737 283 940

BV PLAST s.r.o. Klášterec nad Ohří

Metalworking Plastics

CNC machining, mold making, 3D CAD, thermoplastics, reinforced plastics, manual lamination.

+420 474 372 297
+420 774 611 047

CNC Chomutov s.r.o. Jirkov


We offer CNC machining. We work with brass, nylon (plastic), aluminum and steel solid rods and tubes, casts made from aluminum and iron. The supply products including the finishing treatment - anodizing, painting and galvanizing.

+420 733 726 372

INZA Rohoznice s.r.o. Miletín


Production and supply of atypical metal parts from high-grade materials. Prototype parts for the automotive and food industries. Locksmith and metal equipment for the food industry. Horizontal work, cnc machining - CNC turning and CNC milling.

+420 493 693 220
+420 603 312 917

Jaromír Jiříček Václavovice


Custom grinding, milling on conventional machines, turning on demand.

+420 603 843 341

Josef Pokorný Chrudim


In our technical background you will find automatic cam lathes, CNC lathes, milling machines, drills and grinders, so we are able to meet any requirements of our customers.

Josef Přibyl Zábřeh


We offer electro-optical wire cutting, chip machining and grinding, we are also able to provide milling on DECKEL MAHO 3D machining centers.

KOVOTVAR s.r.o. Pacov


We are engaged in metal machining, metalworking, engineering (manufacturing, construction machines) and metal processing.

+420 602 288 437

MODYNAS, s.r.o. Jihlava


We are engaged in production of molds for pressing of plastics up to 600 × 600 mm, progressive cutting tools and piece and serial custom metalworking according to the drawings or assignments in CAD models from the customer, production of precise machine parts.

+420 567 113 283

NESPREKOL s.r.o. Nehvizdy


We provide machining, metalworking, metal fabrication and custom production of the steel structures.

+420 326 996 409

Petr Rubeš Vodochody


I provide services in the field of metalworking. We offer milling, turning, grinding, welding, production of tools and parts made of plastics. The realized orders include carrying carts for diagnostic cameras, insemination apparatus, medical and film technology.

+420 602 189 457

Petr Šimek Nový Malín


We provide metal processing and metalworking. Cylindrical grinding.

+420 737 305 298