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The offer of INP products is set together to satisfy, by its range and structure, different levels of users' requirements when searching for information on companies. Advertisers can aim their presentation at the right group of customers.


On you can easily search for information on individual companies, new suppliers or customers, accommodation facilities or up-to-date inquiries and public tenders.

In “Business information” you can find everything you need to work. There are clearly organized links to servers recommended as high quality source of news, business supporting information, information on European Union and foreign trade, current exchange rates, laws or contract samples.


Inquiries on

Possibility to gain new customer and at the same time ask for favourable offer of products or services you need just now.

Your inquiry for goods or services will be sent to suitable suppliers selected from the database of 100 thousand companies. Just enter your inquiry to the system and register yourself.

Our customers regularly obtain mail containing lists of current business opportunities from the field they have chosen during registration to the inquiry system.



Telephone directory of companies from the whole Czech Republic. It contains more than 100 000 up-to-date classic and internet contacts.

Book is published in a national or regional edition.

By colour advertisement or record of your company to the business directory you can address businessmen from the whole Czech Republic as well as local companies. We deliver the book version of our directory to their offices. Business directory is also distributed to the state authorities and district and town authorities.